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Administrative Offices 2222-C South Fayetteville Street, Asheboro, NC 27205

Phone: (336) 318-6100; From High Point (336) 819-3100; 
From Liberty (336) 218-4100; From Greensboro (336) 318-6100
Fax: (336) 318-6155 Administration; (336) 318-6166 Instruction; (336) 629-6023 Warehouse

Dr. Stephen Gainey Superintendent 318-6140
Beverly Fowler Executive Assistant 318-6140
Jackie Auman Central Office Receptionist/Secretary 318-6100
Tim Moody Public Information Officer 318-6105

Amy Walker

Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources 318-6110
Catherine Berry Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction 318-6030
Marty Trotter Assistant Superintendent - Operations 318-6283
Todd Lowe Finance Officer  318-6069
Amy Walker Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources 318-6110
  Personnel Office  
Andrea Haynes Director for Human Resources 318-6104
Shannon Morris Administrative Assistant - Certified Personnel 318-6110
Jane Moody Licensure Specialist 318-6043
Alesia Greene Administrative Assistant - Classified Personnel  318-6103
Mary Ann Ingold Workmen's Compensation Administrator - Personnel Assistant 318-6102
Catherine Berry Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction  318-6030
  Instructional Services  
Claire Perry Administrative Assistant 318-6030
Dr. Lynette Graves Director of Elementary Education/Title I 318-6090
Donna Moore Administrative Assistant 318-6090
Ana Floyd K-5 Lead Teacher - Math and Science 318-6028
Deanna Wiles K-5 Lead Teacher - ELA/SS 318-6036
Roxanne Taylor Title I Parent Coordinator 318-6097
Larry Chappell  Director Middle Schools - AIG - Title II 318-6029
Carol Fuller Administrative Assistant - Bookkeeper 318-6046
Laurie Sypole MTSS Specialist 318-6047
Jennifer Smith AIG Specialist 318-6158
Kim Johnson Director Secondary Instruction - ESL 318-6040
Tina Fogleman Administrative Assistant - Bookkeeper 318-6040
Laura Luquet Title III Program Specialist  318-6092 
Roxanne Taylor ESL Program Liaison 318-6097
  Media/Technology Services  
Nan York Executive Director, Media and Technology 318-6080
Sarah Boling Administrative Assistant 318-6080
Alice Smith Instructional Technology Specialist 318-6085
Shenna Russell Creech Instructional Technology Specialist 318-6190
  Information Systems  
Dale Brinkley Director 318-6151
Debbie Johnston Technology Technician - Administrative Assistant - Bookkeeper 318-6189
Mike Copley WAN Engineer 318-6169
Jimmy Moffitt Technology Technician 318-6034
Michael Sugg Technology Technician 318-6170
Jasper Jordan Technology Technician 318-6442
Scott Petersen Technology Technician 318-6440
Ralph Davis Technology Technician 318-6033
Bob Gelsomino Technology Technician 318-6440
  Exceptional Children's Programs  
Brooke Johnston  Director of Exceptional Children Services 318-6060
Tracie Ross EC Coordinator 318-6393
Gwen Hayes Administrative Assistant - Bookkeeper 318-6060
Jennifer Beane Data Manager  318-6076
Kris Roach Homebound Teacher 318-6060
Kristy Bateson Physical Therapist 318-6188
Amanda Spencer Physical Therapist 318-6064
Heather Cleckler Occupational Therapist Level Cross
Melissa Tatum Program Specialist 318-6099
Ashley Hemming Program Specialist 318-6117
Jenna Lineberry Program Facilitator 318-6427
Meredith Thomas Program Facilitator 318-6156
Mary Jo McCall Program Facilitator 318-6066
Meghann Bush Program Facilitator 318-6093
Caroline Hill Program Facilitator 318-6094
Carmen Proctor Program Facilitator 318-6077
Jennifer Tinsley Program Facilitator 318-6162
Megan Hinshaw Psychologist 318-6137
Allen Sinclair Psychologist 318-6071
Dr. Patty Shellbach Psychologist 318- 6075
Dr. Cheon Graham Psychologist 318-6199
Jordyn Bridger Psychologist 318-6073
Dr. Heather Schwickrath Psychologist 318-6082
Lora Reid Psychologist 318-6367
Beth Hutchinson Psychologist 318-6072
Patti Asbill Lead Speech-Language Pathologist 318-6061
Jennifer Beasley Pre-School Coordinator 318-6342
Jessica Green Pre-School Itinerant Teacher 318-6060
Simone Wright Pre-School Speech 318-6070
Kathy Allen Pre-School Speech 318-6060
Kaleigh Ferree Behavior Specialist 318-6350
Beth Mills Autism Teacher 318-6067
Kerri Smith Teacher of the Visually Impaired 318-6060
Janie Davis Transition Coordinator 318-6379
Barrett Davis Adapted Physical Education Teacher 318-6070 
Melissa Ray Autism Teacher 318-6024
Joan Burton Teacher of the Hearing Impaired 318-6060
Stephanie Stancil Teacher of the Hearing Impaired 318-6060
Lori Land Pre-School Speech John Lawrence
Mary Justice Pre-School Speech  Trindale
  Testing and Accountability/PowerSchool  
Beth Davis Director, Testing & Accountability/PowerSchool 318-6044
Kari Hulin Testing Coordinator 318-6019
Melissa Kidd PowerSchool Coordinator 318-6042
Amelia Schrimsher Administrative Assistant 318-6048
  Career-Technical Education
Nancy Cross Director of Career Technical Education and Innovative School Design 318-6062
Misty Wolfe CTE Coordinator  318-6057 
Carol Fuller Administrative Assistant - Bookkeeper 318-6046
Marty Trotter Assistant Superintendent - Operations 318-6283
  Facilities and Maintenance  
Larry Chilton Director, Facilities and Maintenance 318-6096 
Randy Wilson Assistant Director, Facilities and Maintenance 318-6054
Vacant Office Manager 318-6053
Dawn Henson Administrative Assistant - Bookkeeper 318-6055
Greg Brewer School Safety Coordinator 318-6136
Lee Broadway Custodial Supervisor 669-6558
Wendy Anderson Director, Transportation 318-6145
Connie Stanley Property Cost Clerk II 318-6148
Lori Caudill Property Cost Clerk I 318-6144
Billy Smith Shop Foreman 318-6146
Valerie Peace Bus Routing Supervisor 318-6120
Mary McKenzie Bus Routing Specialist 318-6125
Darlene East-Wagoner Bus Routing Specialist 318-6185
Jennifer Davis Administrative Coordinator 318-6022
Amy Snider Bus Routing Specialist 318-6111
Perez Johnson Bus Routing Specialist 318-6121
  School Nutrition  
Donna Osborne Director, School Nutrition 318-6133
Kelly Green Asst. Director, School Nutrition 318-6134
Emily Needham Office Manager 318-6130
Christie Lamb Administrative Assistant 318-6161
Jayme Robertson Child Nutrition Supervisor 318-6132
Tina Blankenship Training Manager 318-6133
Donna Campbell Training Manager 318-6133
Jeff Howard Procurement Specialist 318-6135
  Student Services  
Edwina Ashworth Director of Administrative Services for Students - Athletic Director for School System 318-6123
Erin Starr Student Services Coordinator 318-6122
Amelia Schrimsher Administrative Assistant 318-6048
Kim Wagoner Student Advocate Coordinator 465-6006
Monica Hurley Lead Nurse  336-736-1212
  Driver Education  
Lewis Southern Supervisor, Driver Education 318-6025
Todd Lowe Finance Officer 318-6113
  Finance and Business Office  
Cheryl Lucas Accounting Supervisor 318-6115
Alice Dean Accounting Specialist 318-6021
Lisa Ingle Payroll Specialist 318-6114
Cristie Hammer Payroll Specialist 318-6065
Nancy Carpenter Payroll Specialist 318-6127
Heather Williams Payroll Specialist 318-6112
Miranda Poole Payroll Specialist 318-6116
Debra Brower Insurance Specialist 318-6142
Juanita Sagers Benefits and Finance Assistant 318-6069
  Warehouse Staff  
Ty Hall Purchasing Supervisor 318-6771
Gina Hodges Invoice/Fixed Asset Clerk 318-6297
Wendy Garner Purchase Order Clerk 318-6770
Johnny Hussey Delivery 318-6348
Ronnie Sams Deilvery 318-6347
Alden Brown Textbook Clerk 318-6772
  Copy Center  
Denise Carter Printing Specialist 318-6773





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The Randolph County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Marty Trotter, Title IX Coordinator, and Edwina Ashworth, Section 504 Coordinator, 2222-C South Fayetteville St. Asheboro, NC 27205 Phone: 318-6100.

 The Randolph County School System is committed to ensuring that all web users can access its web content. If you have difficulty accessing information on our website due to a disability, please contact us at tmoody@randolph.k12.nc.us and provide the URL (web address) of the material you tried to access, the problem you experienced, and your contact information.