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Retirees and Long-time Employees Honored

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The Randolph County School System held its annual Retirement Banquet on May 28, 2015, at AVS Banquet Centre in Asheboro. The retirees and long-time employees listed below were honored.

See the 8-minute video honoring the retirees that was played during dinner at the event.

2015 Retirees

Terri Boles - Archdale Elementary
Muriel Campbell - Archdale Elementary
Joan Hix - Archdale Elementary
Gail Jones - Archdale Elementary
Christine Justus - Archdale Elementary
Karen Mizelle - Archdale Elementary
Peggy Scott - Archdale Elementary
Irma Tillman - Archdale Elementary
Blair Collins - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Luke Hunsucker - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Kathrine May - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Sharon  Skeen - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Lynn Staub - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Eric Hall - Braxton-Craven Middle & Northeastern Randolph Middle
Frankie Hemingway - Braxton-Craven Middle
Nancy Tellekamp - Braxton-Craven Middle
Patricia Turner - Braxton-Craven Middle
Susan Stevenson - Coleridge Elementary
Gwen Carmac - Eastern Randolph High
Doug Collins - Eastern Randolph High
Sandra Hardin - Eastern Randolph High
Elvina Thomas - Eastern Randolph High
Robin Adams - Farmer Elementary
Roy Adams - Farmer Elementary
Barbara Beane - Farmer Elementary
Rhonda Ratcliffe - Farmer Elementary
Betty Craven - Franklinville Elementary
Judith Richardson - Franklinville Elementary & Liberty Elementary
Danielle Kesler - Grays Chapel Elementary
Annette Robbins - Grays Chapel Elementary
Judy Sheppard - Grays Chapel Elementary
Linda Smith - Grays Chapel Elementary
Lakuita Walker - Grays Chapel Elementary
Danny Garner - John Lawrence Elementary
Vicki Landrum - John Lawrence Elementary
Marjorie McPherson - John Lawrence Elementary
Darrell Summey - John Lawrence Elementary
Mary Luper - Level Cross Elementary
Loy McCaffrey - Level Cross Elementary
Debra Nardali - Level Cross Elementary
Marlene Lankford - Liberty Elementary
Melvin Parks - Liberty Elementary
Joanne Farlow - New Market Elementary
Lisa Nixon - New Market Elementary
Laurie Prince - New Market Elementary
Lisa Canoy - Northeastern Randolph Middle
Judy Shotwell - Northeastern Randolph Middle
Ron Dery - Providence Grove High
Stephen Harrelson, Jr.   Providence Grove High
Shirley Holloway - Providence Grove High
Eva Lamb - Providence Grove High
Christie Gunter - Ramseur Elementary
Nina Farlow - Randleman Elementary
Ulah Goss - Randleman Elementary
Diana Graves - Randleman Elementary
Lisa Lemonds - Randleman Elementary
Jackie McKinney - Randleman Elementary
Janet Routh - Randleman Elementary
Laurie Sypole - Randleman Elementary
Sharon  Beane - Randleman High
Wendy Whatley - Randleman High
Brenda Culler - Randleman Middle
Samuel Hoover - Randleman Middle
Kim McTillmon - Randleman Middle
Madeline Reed - Randleman Middle
Stephanie Bridges - Randolph Early College High
Sandra Allred - Seagrove Elementary
Nell Gaines - Seagrove Elementary
Judy Hussey - Seagrove Elementary
Lynn Lamb - Seagrove Elementary & Tabernacle Elementary
Mary Ellen Robinson - Seagrove Elementary & Southmont Elementary
Beverly Thomas - Seagrove Elementary
Carolyn Creason - Southeastern  Randolph Middle
Larry Brewer - Southmont Elementary
JoAnn Norman - Southmont Elementary
Dewey Reeder - Southmont Elementary
Larry Jessup - Southwestern Randolph High
Randy Key - Southwestern Randolph High
Janice Perdue - Southwestern Randolph High
Janet Hollifield - Tabernacle Elementary
Rita Robinette - Tabernacle Elementary
Brenda Grubb - Trindale Elementary
Kim Leake - Trindale Elementary
Sharon  Farlow - Trinity Elementary
Pamela Hooper-Poland - Trinity Elementary
Judy Morgan - Trinity Elementary
Ed Hannah - Trinity High
Michael Burris - Uwharrie Middle
Christie Cox - Uwharrie Middle
James Kivett - Uwharrie Middle
Janis Key - Wheatmore High
Terrie Allred - Central Services
Cathy Brady - Central Services
Judi Craven-Godfrey - Central Services
Bonnie  Edwards - Central Services
Pam Freeman - Central Services
Jo Ann  Hunt - Central Services
Lou Stout - Central Services
Wanda  Sullivan - Central Services
Paula Trivett - Central Services
Roger Hughes - Maintenance
Gary Hiott - Warehouse

25 Years of Service

Jack Blanchard - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Kim Summers - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Grace Simril - Braxton-Craven Middle
Anga Smith - Braxton-Craven Middle
Sherry Yahya - Braxton-Craven Middle
Sharl Alston - Eastern Randolph High
Doug Collins - Eastern Randolph High
Heather Johnson-Mills - Eastern Randolph High
Kathryn Pirt - Farmer Elementary
Ginger Pope - Hopewell Elementary
Shanda Mattocks - John Lawrence Elementary
Brenda McGee - John Lawrence Elementary
Donald Rakes - John Lawrence Elementary
Lenore Haney - Liberty Elementary
Dana Crotts - New Market Elementary
Joanne Farlow - New Market Elementary
Cheryl Pratt - New Market Elementary
Cheryl Rebert - New Market Elementary
Shelley Townsend - New Market Elementary
Deeon Turner - New Market Elementary
Terrie Bryant - Providence Grove High
Billie Moody - Randleman Elementary
Kristine Billings - Randleman Middle
Kim McTillmon - Randleman Middle
Mary Smith - Seagrove Elementary
Melessa Thomas - Seagrove Elementary
Beverly Thomas - Seagrove Elementary
Anthony Goldston - Southeastern Middle
Nancy York - Southeastern Middle
Matt Dunn - Southwestern High
Judy Kinlaw - Southwestern Middle
Sandy Routh - Trinity High
Linda Binkley - Wheatmore High
Karen Hawkins - Wheatmore High
Lynette Graves - Central Services
Debbie Johnston - Central Services
Donna Osborne - Central Services
Steve Taylor - Central Services
Nan York - Central Services
Kathy Kirkman - Transportation
Kathy McNeal - Transportation

30 Years of Service

Muriel Campbell - Archdale Elementary
Karen Mizelle - Archdale Elementary
Kathrine May - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Sharon Skeen - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Susan Stevenson - Coleridge Elementary
Robin Adams - Farmer Elementary
Lakuita  Walker - Grays Chapel Elementary
Sharon  Harper - Hopewell Elementary
Danny Garner - John Lawrence Elementary
Annette Byrd - New Market Elementary
Wendy Whatley - Randleman High
Judy Jackson - Randleman Middle
Diana Frazier - Trindale Elementary
Kim Leake - Trindale Elementary
Judi Craven-Godfrey - Central Services
Elisha Kivett - Central Services

35 Years of Service

Terri Boles - Archdale Elementary
Karon Johnson - Archdale-Trinity Middle
Holly Embree - Liberty Elementary
Ralph Jarrett - Northeastern Middle
Penny Tostoe - Southwestern Middle
Cathy Brady - Central Services
Teresa Campbell - Central Services

40 Years of Service

Paula Kellum - Archdale Elementary
Lynn Diffoggio - Trinity High






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